Keynote Speaker

With over a decade of experience as a Property Makeover and Change Specialist, Belinda has spent many years helping transform homes and lives. Her experience in helping those looking to Downsize has led her to write her first book - Rightsize Your Home - The Empty Nester’s Guide to a Stress-Free Downsize.

Belinda is a popular National Keynote Speaker in this area of expertise at independent downsizing seminars and workshops online and across Australia, as well as for major estate brands and retirement living groups such as Stockland Retirement Living and Australian Unity. She receives positive feedback from the audience because of the information she imparts and her ability to answer each question with confidence and knowledge due to her experience in downsizing project management.

Belinda can also tailor content around your topic of interest to nurture current clients or open new and existing channels of leads.

The following are Belinda's favourite topic areas to present. She tailors the topics for the target audience backing them up with case studies.

  • When is the right time to Downsize (or Rightsize!)
  • How to plan for a stress free Downsize (or Rightsize!)
  • How to decide - what to keep, sell or toss
  • How to declutter - techniques and tips
  • How to prepare your home for a profitable sale and a stress free move

Speakers Kit

Looking for expertise in the Downsizing Space?

With a gift of creating instant rapport, Belinda is extremely well received by attendees. Belinda has a two faceted approach that works hand in hand. She is an educator and advisor, and a consummate professional, in what can be a very delicate space. She is truly passionate about helping people make the most of their retirement and their property.

Belinda also offers online keynote speaking events to engage your prospect and existing and clients nationwide by educating and accelerating the downsizing process. Belinda’s interactive features provide a seamless experience leading to improved sales with panelist chat settings for attendees, live Q&A and polling for audience share input, virtual hand raising and attention indicators.

For more information, download the Speakers Kit below, or please email or call on 1300 870 272.


Download the Speakers Kit

Community GROUPS

Belinda contributes every Friday to the community by providing training, information and education services for Rightsizers via Online Rightsize Your Home Workshop for the community and many not for profit groups such as Rotary, Probus and local Councils and affiliated businesses.

JOIN Belinda Woolrych | Downsizing Expert, online every Friday at 10:00am for RIGHTSIZE YOUR HOME ONLINE WORKSHOPS. For empty nesters, these online workshops will take you through the “Rightsize Your Home” framework to help and support you move through the process effectively and efficiently with a practical, step by step roadmap on how to overcome the fears and challenges of Rightsizing and plan to make the journey a fun, stress-free and profitable process.

These workshops help you overcome procrastination, sort out all your clutter, and stay organised and in control along your downsizing journey. You will gain insights and knowledge on you can live your best life in retirement including the positives to downsizing including interactive Q&A on the issues you’re having with downsizing.

You will learn:

  • How To Get In Control Of Your Downsize In The Current Environment
  • When Is The Right Time To Leave The Nest?
  • How Do I Even Sell My Home Right Now?
  • What Are The Downsizing Roadblocks, And How Do I Move Them And What Is On Your Bucket List?
  • 7 Secrets To Enjoying Moving From The Family Home - I Bet You Think You Can’t Enjoy It!
  • How To Declutter – Tips And Techniques

Plus, much more, including special key industry expert guests. With every workshop you will also receive FREE Rightsize downloads and resources for planning your downsize and special discounts. 

Rightsize your life by learning the secrets of downsizing!

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